Wide Game

The event-wide game is a great way to experience as much of the Momentum Launch event as possible, while earning points and competing with friends. There are badges for all sorts of things, from attending a training or watching the Chef’d Cookoff to running a 5k at home or even sharing a video of you rocking out to your favorite tune. Each of these badges earns you a certain number of points, anywhere from 50 to 600! Registered delegates who earn 15,000 points and complete the 8 core requirements explained at the bottom of this page by 11:59 p.m. EDT on August 9th will receive a special participation patch. Each night, the top 10 scorers will be featured on the event-wide game leaderboard. Registered delegates can self-report the badges they earn in NOAERS from August 4th-9th. Remember: a Scout is Trustworthy! Not a registered delegate but want to get in on the fun? Sign up today at registration.oa-bsa.org.

When completing activities to earn badges, remember to stay safe and healthy. Always wear a mask when in public or group settings. Practice social distancing and follow all state and local guidelines. Additionally, some activities involve physical exercise. It’s important to stay hydrated and to not overexert yourself. Take regular breaks and drink plenty of water. Always remember to use common sense.

Have fun and earn as many points as you can!

Wide Game Instructions

1. Sign into your NOAERS account here.
2. Click on the Momentum Launch tab under “My Events.”
3. Once the page loads, find your name under the “My Attendees for this Event” section on the right side of the page and click it.
4. You should now be at the information page for Momentum Launch. Under the “Event” tab on the left side of the page, there will be a way to report your progress. 
5. Click “edit” at the top right of the “Additional Attendee Information.”
6. Find the badge under the “Game – Tuesday” and click on the icon.
7. Mark it as completed.
8. Hit save at the top right of the screen. Once this step is done, you will be awarded the necessary points when the wide-game leaderboard gets updated.

Participation Patch Requirements

Earn 15,000 points and earn badges that fulfill the below 8 core requirements. Select the title to view more details.

  • Opening Show Attendee AND Closing Show Attendee
  • Any badge from the “Training” category
  • Beginner Chef
  • Finding Momentum Beginner
  • Chat with the Youth
  • Launch your next adventure
  • The Final Round
  • Chat with the Adults
  • Tried and True Trivia
  • Onward and Upward
  • Sous Chef
  • Master Chef
  • Finding Momentum Learner
  • Finding Momentum Student
  • Leading Forward
  • Chiefly Speaking
  • Finding Momentum Expert
  • Leading the Change
  • Kahoot Kontestant
  • Kahoot Extraordinaire
  • Kahoot Top 5
  • OAs Got Talent Judge
  • OAs Got Talent Contestant
  • AIA Inquirer
  • Momentum Safari
  • Region Connections
  • Scoops!
  • Ceremonial Momentum
  • Section Chief Commentary
  • Chiefly Connections
  • Chat with Patrick
  • Chat with Cho
  • Chat with Seth
  • Chat with Conor
  • Chat with the Vice Chief
  • Chat with the Chief
  • Region Expert
  • 2-for-1
  • Nationally Recognized
  • #ScoutOn
  • Yum!
  • Meme Lord
  • #ChatWithMike
  • Trivia Night!
  • Patch Trader
  • Momentous Quote
  • Adventurous Eater
  • Rockstar
  • Hand Raiser! – adult
  • Hand Raiser! – youth
  • Onward and Upward Painting Special
  • Super Sleuth
  • Mask Up!
  • Launching Your Time in the OA
  • Keeping up the Momentum
  • Web Wanderer
  • Historian
  • Bucket List!
  • Chit Chat
  • Positive Momentum
  • 13th Point
  • Dream Job
  • Say Hello!
  • Staying Active
  • Be the change
  • Mountain Momentum
  • Sparta!
  • Brotherhood Run/Walk
  • Launch into the water!
  • Thoughtful Silence
  • Flag Football with the Crew!
  • Wheeling Around
  • Launching a Healthy Life
  • Keeping Fit!
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Guiding Principles
  • Ready, Set, Organize!
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Goodman Open
  • Thankful Scout
  • Thankful Arrowmen
  • Reach out
  • Say Thanks
  • Chef Arrowman
  • Launch the next generation
  • Family Fun Fest
  • Family Fun Fest – Cub
  • Launch a Virtual Camping Trip
  • Making Connections


Mountain Momentum50Go Mountain Biking
Sparta!150Participate in an exercise routine that is a bit more strenuous than your normal activity level.
Brotherhood Run/Walk250Find somewhere safe to run/walk 5K near (or in!) your home
Launch into the water!200Visit your nearest pool, lake, or beach for a swim. If it’s not safe to do that, perform an exercise that cools you off.
Goodman Open300Create a mini golf course at your house (at least two holes) and play a game with your family (creative putters are allowed).
Brotherhood Run/Walk400Find somewhere safe to run/walk 10K near (or in!) your home
Steer Roping!50Using rope, lasso a non-living thing at home or in a park
Dart Throwing!50Play “pencil darts” by aiming an unsharpened (“new”) wooden pencil (eraser-side first) at a target on the wall
Flag Football with the Crew!100Get your quarantine crew together for a game of flag football. If your crew is too small, play catch.
Wheeling Around100Using something with wheels (bike, scooter, roller skates), ride around your neighborhood or a local park
Keeping Fit!250Post your time / results on social media using hashtag #oalaunch : 100 yard dash, How many pushups can you do in a minute, Standing longjump

OAs Got Talent Judge50View the talents of your fellow Arrowmen in the #OAs-got-talent channel and upvote your favorite(s)
Super Sleuth100With family or friends (or both!) solve a puzzle, riddle, or cipher. Reflect on what the pivotal moment was and share in the #WideGame channel
OAs Got Talent Contestant250Take a photo or 10-second (max) video of your talent and share it in the #OAs-got-talent channel
Kahoot Kontestant50Participate in one Kahoot game
Kahoot Top 5500Have a “Top 5” score in a Kahoot game
Kahoot Extraordinaire100Participate in two Kahoot games

Launching Lodge Leadership100Attend the Developing Lodge Leadership training
Chapter Trainee100Attend the Chapters training
Momentum of Service100Attend the Momentum of Service training
Launching Opportunities for New Members100Attend the Opportunities for New Members training
Communicating our Message100Attend the Communications training
Electing the next Generation100Attend the Unit Elections training
Inducting the next generation100Attend the Inductions training
Developing Leadership Training100Attend the Developing Leadership Trainings session
Launching your training journey100View at least 2 training sessions.
Thoughtful Student200Reflect on a training session by responding to the reflection question in the channel for that training session.
Inquisitive Student200Submit a question to a trainer using the channel for that training session.
Building training Momentum300View at least 4 training sessions
Leading the Change50Attend the Leading the Change session
Launch the Analysis100Attend the Analyzing Situations session
Activate!100Attend the Activation training
Think Practically100Attend the Practical Skills for the Future training
Expert Trainee500View at least 6 training sessions
Delta500Participate in the Delta Training

Launching your Momentum50View any video in the portal
Opening Show Attendee100Watch the opening show and participate in the post-show reflection on the community platform
Beginner Chef50Watch one Chef’d show
Yum!50Share your favorite food in the #Chef’d channel during the show
Adventurous Eater150Share something abnormal or daring that you’ve eaten in the #Chef’d channel during the show
Lodge Spirit300Wear a lodge t-shirt, polo, hat, etc., to the Wednesday livestream – share a photo of yourself and tag your lodge in it on Instagram, twitter, or facebook #oalaunch
Finding Momentum Beginner100Attend one Finding Momentum session
Chat with the Adults100Attend the Campfire Chat: Adult Leadership
Tried and True Trivia100Attend the Tried and True Trivia: Youth
Trivia Night!100Watch Tried and True Trivia and share what you think the correct answer is in the #tried-and-true-trivia channel on Slack
Sous Chef100Watch two Chef’d shows
Finding Momentum Learner200Attend two Finding Momentum sessions
Finding Momentum Student300Attend three Finding Momentum sessions
Cheifly Speaking400Attend the National Council of Chiefs
Closing Show Attendee100Watch the closing show and participate in the post-show reflection on the community platform
Chat with the Youth100Attend the Campfire Chat: National Officers
Launch your next adventure100Attend the Get to Know OA High Adventure session
The Final Round100Attend the OA Gameshow Finals
Onward and Upward100Attend the Onward and Upward Painting Special
Master Chef150Watch all three Chef’d shows
Scoops!150Eat ice cream after the closing show and participate in the #ClosingShow channel on the community platform
Leading Forward300Attend the Leading Forward: A Discussion on Lodge Success
Finding Momentum Expert400Attend all five of the Finding Momentum sessions
Onward and Upward Painting Special200Following the Onward and Upward Painting Special painting special, create an artwork of your own and share it in the #Onward-and-Upward channel

Section Chief Commentary200Submit a post on the community platform that a Section Chief reacts or responds to
Chiefly Connections250Submit a post on the community platform that a Momentum Launch Vice Chief reacts or responds to
Chat with Patrick300Submit a post on the community platform that the Central Region Chief reacts or responds to
Chat with Cho300Submit a post on the community platform that the Western Region Chief reacts or responds to
Chat with Seth300Submit a post on the community platform that the Southern Region Chief reacts or responds to
Chat with Conor300Submit a post on the community platform that the Northeast Region Chief reacts or responds to
Chat with the Vice Chief400Submit a post on the community platform that the National Vice Chief reacts or responds to
Chat with the Chief500Submit a post on the community platform that the National Chief reacts or responds to
Region Expert500Submit a post on the community platform that all four region chiefs react or respond to
2-for-1600Submit a post on the community platform that the National Chief and National Vice Chief react or respond to
Nationally Recognized600Submit a post on the community platform that all six national officers react or respond to
#ChatWithMike100If you’re a Lodge Adviser, join the #ChatWithMike channel and share your thoughts with the National Chairman
Hand Raiser! – adult200Ask a question of the adult leadership during the campfire chat using the #campfire-chat channel
Hand Raiser! – youth200Ask a question of the youth officers during the campfire chat using the #campfire-chat channel

Bucket List!50Share something on your bucket list with your small group
#ScoutOn50Share your favorite Scouting activity in the #ScoutOn channel
Thoughtul Silence50Reflect on this question: if you weren’t afraid, what would you do?
Fish On!50Go fishing! Or play Go Fish with your family or friends
Meme Lord50Post your best OA Meme (Scout appropriate!) to the #meme channel
Chit Chat100In your small group channel, share which OA activity you are most looking forward to, post-pandemic
Inquirer100Submit a question for a Finding Momentum session at momentum.oa-bsa.org/submit-questions/
Patch Trader100Share a picture of your favorite patch and why it is your favorite in the #patches channel on the community platform
Positive Momentum100Share some positive things that have happened in your life over the past week with your small group
Launching a Healthy Life100What about your health would you like to improve? What could you start doing today that would improve your health?
13th Point150If we added a 13th point of the Scout Law to respond to the COVID pandemic, what should it be? Share with your small group.
Momentous Quote150Share a favorite quote in the daily reflection channel
Dream Job200Share your dream job with your small group and discuss with them ways you could get it
Rockstar200Take a video of you rocking out to your favorite song (air guitar and lip syncing allowed) and share it in the #OAs-got-talent channel
Say Hello!200Introduce yourself to the members of your small group on the community platform, and read their introductions of themselves
Staying Active200Share with your small group how your unit and Lodge have stayed active during the pandemic
Launch a Virtual Camping Trip250Share with your Lodge leadership a virtual programming idea
Social Media Guerilla300Participate in a Guerilla Pop-Up Event (we will announce it on social media and on the community platform in the #announcements channel)
Be the change300Compete the sentence, “Life is too short to tolerate _______”, share it with your small group, and discuss with them how you can constructively respond when _____ happens.
Unconscious Bias300Learn about and test yourself on unconscious bias
Momentum of Words300Share on social media the ceremony quote that has had the most impact on your momentum to #oalaunch
Launch a CampingTrip300Plan a camping trip
Launch the next generation400Brainstorm with your small group something you and your Lodge could do to support local Cub Scout Packs
Guiding Principles400Read a news article and reflect on how the news story would be different had everyone mentioned lived by the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Discuss with your family.
Family Fun Fest500Invite a friend to attend the Family Fun Fest on August 8
Family Fun Fest – Cub500Invite a family friend or relative of Cub Scout age (5-11) to attend the Family Fun Fest on August 8
Region Connections100Join the discussion in your region’s channel on the community platform
Keeping up the Momentum100Learn how the Arrowmen in your small group are keeping up their “momentum” during COVID
Historian100Check out the OA History website (https://oa-bsa.org/history) and share something you learned with your small group
Making Connections500Reach out to a new Arrowman in your Lodge (perhaps a member of your unit) and get to know them. Invite them to watch the Momentum Launch livestream
Launching your time in the OA250If this is your first year as an Arrowman, visit the #First-year-Arrowmen channel and share what you’re most excited to do in the OA
AIA Inquirer250Learn about a Native American leader and share their name and something about them that is relevant to your life right now in the #AIA channel
Web Wanderer100Visit the website of a Lodge of one of the members in your small group. Share with your small group what you like about that Lodge’s activities
Ceremonial Momentum150Reflect on the OA ceremonies you’ve seen. Share one characteristic of an excellent ceremony in the #Ceremonies channel

Mask Up!200Make a facemask. Share your creation on the #OAs-got-talent channel
Say Thanks500Send a thank you note to an essential worker in your community
Launching Sustainability50Take a photo of you using a reusable water bottle at home and post to your social media account with the hashtag #oalaunch
Ready, Set, Organize!100Help your family organize a room at home (including storage areas)
Sustainability At Home150Share on social media how you practice sustainability at home with the hashtag #oalaunch
Envrionmentally Friendly150Do something at home to benefit the environment. Share what you did on social media with the hashtag #oalaunch
Chef Arrowman300Cook dinner for your family and share a photo on social media with the hashtag #oalaunch
Thankful Scout300Think about someone who has made a difference in your time as a Scout. Reach out to them and say “thank you”
Thankful Arrowmen300Think about someone who has made a difference in your time in the OA. Reach out to them and say “thank you”
Reach out300Reach out to an older relative to say hello. Ask them about a favorite memory from when they were your age

Momentum Safari50Take a photo of an animal in or near your house (could be your pet, if you have one) and post it to the #WildThings channel
Nat Geo Robots100Try your hand at the National Geographic Challenge: Robots game at https://www.nationalgeographic.org/interactive/challenge-robots/
Scientist350Conduct a science experiment and report your findings. Visit https://www.scouting.org/stem-nova-awards/awards/venturer-supernova-topics/ for ideas!