How do I register?

Delegates can register at registration.oa-bsa.org.

If you are attending as a candidate, elangomat, or recent inductee you should contact your local lodge.

When is the deadline to register?

Registration and the event wide game will end at Sunday, November 15th at 5:00 AM EST. While the deadline is after Momentum: Spark, premium delegates will receive a Momentum: Spark patch, and can participate in the wide game, join the community platform, and access the stream archive.

How do I login?

To learn more about how accessing Momentum: Spark content, please visit our dedicated page on Using ArrowID at Momentum: Spark.

What email should I use? What is ArrowID?

ArrowID is the Order of the Arrow’s single sign-on system. The goal of ArrowID is to provide you with one login and password for all OA online systems and services. ArrowID is also used in OA LodgeMaster, the National OA Event Registration System (NOAERS), and the OA National Committee Portal.

The email on your ArrowID needs to match the email listed on your registration in NOAERS in order to grant you access to this site. In order to participate in the wide game, each participant must have a unique ArrowID.

Do I have to pay to participate in Momentum: Spark?

Anyone can view the streamed content live without paying. However, all Arrowmen are required to register in NOAERS as a basic delegate. There is no cost to registering as a basic delegate and basic delegates only have access to view the live stream of Momentum: Spark.

Premium delegates, for a fee of $15, will be able to experience much more, similar to the registered delegate opportunity for Momentum: Launch, including a mailed patch, access to an archive of streamed content from Momentum: Spark, a chance to participate in the event-wide game, access to Slack, the event community’s platform, and additional opportunities for engagement and interaction.

I’m logged in, but I can’t see certain content. What do I do?

The ArrowID that you used to login must match the ArrowID listed at registration. In order to safeguard the content, all members must register in NOAERS. Visit the Momentum homepage to learn more about the two delegate options.

To check your access level, visit please visit our dedicated page on Using ArrowID at Momentum: Spark.
When will I receive my patch?
Patches must be order prior to November 15 and are expected to arrive in January 2021.

How do I register?

If you are attending as a candidate you should contact your local lodge.

What are my instructions for the weekend?

Candidates should contact their local lodges for instructions for this weekend.

What is a recent inductee?

A recent inductee is an Arrowman who has completed their induction between August 1, 2020 and Momentum: Spark. Recent inductees get complimentary access to Momentum: Spark through their lodge contingent. Any Arrowman inducted since August 1, 2020 should contact their lodge to learn how to register.

How do I register?

If you are attending as a recent inductee you should contact your local lodge.

How do I register a lodge contingent?

If you are attending as a candidate, elangomat, or recent inductee you should contact your local lodge.

Lodges should register their candidates, elangomats, and recent inductees as part of their contingent at registration.oa-bsa.org. For more information on how to register your contingent, please view the below two support guides.

Contingents and contingent delegates may only be added by the lodge adviser, lodge staff adviser, or lodge adult contingent leader.

Please contact momentum-support@oa-bsa.org if you require further assistance in registering your contingent.

What inductions aspects is the Lodge responsible for?
The Lodge is responsible for nearly all of the inductions process:

  1. Administering the four tests
  2. Delivering the candidate’s sash and flap
  3. Providing the pre-Ordeal and Ordeal ceremony if you choose to not use the ceremonies we broadcast (or the nationally produced ceremonies on the OA website)
  4. If you use the ceremonies we broadcast:
  • Telling candidates to join the livestream at 9 pm EST on Friday (for our opening show and pre-Ordeal ceremony) and 6 pm EST on Saturday (for the Ordeal ceremony)
  • Providing a 15-minute “Welcome to our Lodge” program for your candidates between the end of the Ordeal ceremony (~6:45 pm EST) and the start of the Saturday evening program (7 pm EST)

To support you, the Momentum team will broadcast the pre-Ordeal ceremony on Friday at 9:30 pm EST and the Ordeal ceremony on Saturday at 6 pm EST.  We will also provide fun and welcoming programming after the Ordeal ceremony Saturday night (starting at 7 pm EST).  A checklist for planning a virtual induction can be found here.

Will the Momentum: Spark team be communicating with my Lodge’s candidates?

Yes, we will send an email on Friday, November 6th to ensure that all candidates have tested their ArrowID prior to the start of the event.  On Saturday, November 7th, we will send candidates an inspirational message in the morning, along with an invitation to the Momentum Slack community platform around 4 pm EST (we will ask them not to join the Slack workspace until after their Ordeal ceremony is complete). These communications will be available to lodge leaders to view here by 11 pm EST on November 5th. It is important that Lodges communicate with their candidates about the logistics for the weekend and any expectations surrounding the completion of the 4 tests or the ceremonies.  In particular, we are not telling Candidates to join our livestream for the ceremonies (because that decision is up to each Lodge).  If your Lodge plans to use the ceremonies we are broadcasting (at 9:30 pm EST on Friday and 6:00 pm EST on Saturday), please tell your candidates to join our livestream at those times.

What is the deadline to register my contingent?

The initial deadline to register Lodge contingents was November 2nd, and Lodges can make changes to their registration until 4 p.m. EST on November 7th. We ask that, by then, Lodge leaders ensure that their contingent roster in NOAERS is accurate based on who actually attended the virtual induction. Candidates must be registered prior to the broadcast Pre-Ordeal Ceremony in order to access the ceremony, as the ceremony is behind a paywall and the only way to access the content is to be registered in NOAERS.

Does being listed as the adult contingent leader in NOAERS mean I am registered for Momentum: Spark?

No, being listed as the adult contingent leader does not give you access to Momentum: Spark. You will need to register as either a basic or premium delegate, or an Elangomat, to participate. Basic delegate registration is free but only provides access to the live stream. Premium delegate registration is $15 and provides access to the live stream, an archive of streamed content, the Momentum community platform, the wide game, and a mailed event patch.

How will I know who from my lodge attended Momentum: Spark as a basic or premium delegate?

Following the event, we will send the lodge adviser a list of individual registrants (basic and premium delegates) from their lodge.

Where will candidates view the nationally broadcast ceremonies?

The ceremonies will be broadcast on the event website: momentum.oa-bsa.org. Candidates, as well as current members, will need to log-in with their ArrowID to view the ceremonies and must be registered in NOAERS.

My question wasn’t answered here. What do I do?

Reach out to us at momentum-support@oa-bsa.org and a member of our support team will assist you. Thank you again for partnering with us to ensure that candidates have the opportunity to be inducted into the Order, even amidst these uncertain times.

My question wasn’t answered anywhere. What do I do?

Contact us at momentum-support@oa-bsa.org and a member of the Momentum support team will assist you.
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