Wide Game

The Momentum: Spark Wide Game encourages premium delegates to experience all that Momentum: Spark has to offer!  While it is designed primarily for youth, all premium delegates are welcome to participate.  To earn the participation patch, you must complete the requirements for each category (all categories must be completed).

You can report your progress throughout the wide game by selecting the Wide Game Reporting button below. Each Arrowman participating in the wide game requires a unique ArrowID. If you are having issues with ArrowID, please read about Using ArrowID at Momentum: Spark.

Thank you for participating in the Wide Game and good luck to everyone. The wide game will end on Sunday, November 15th at 5:00 AM EST.

CategoryTask Name
Attend 3 Program Sessions
Tasks Required: 3
Opening Show
Finding Momentum: National Commissioner
Get to Know OA High Adventure
National Program Highlight
Lodge and Section Program Highlight
Meet the National Officers
Tried and True Trivia
Closing Show
Attend 3 Training Sessions
Tasks Required: 3
Creating Pathways for New Members
Navigating the new Inductions Module
Activating and Retaining Membership
Structuring your Lodge for the Future
Welcoming Women to the OA
Plan an Induction Weekend during COVID
Brotherhood: What does it mean?
What is NLS and DYLC
Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Lodge
OA Unit Representative Training
Inductions and Ceremonial Events Committee Discussion
The Roles of Advisers in the OA
Service to Family
Tasks Required: 2
Take out the trash for your family
Do the dishes for your family
Clean a family bathroom
Vacuum the kitchen or living room
Mop the kitchen or living room
Rake the leaves in your yard and bag them up
Cook a meal for your family
Do a chore that will help your family
Service to Lodge
Tasks Required: 1
Reach out to a new Arrowman in your Lodge and invite him to participate in Momentum: Spark
Share with your small group how your Lodge has stayed active during the pandemic
Brainstorm ideas with your small group on how your Lodge can support members during this time
Share with your small group something that your Lodge does that other Lodges don’t do
Visit the website of another Lodge of one of the members in your small group
Service to Yourself
The chore to yourself can not be the same chore for your family.
Tasks Required: 1
Clean your room
Clean your bathroom
Do your laundry
Study for a class
Do a chore around your home that will help yourself or your family
Take some time to reflect about yourself and where you wish to see yourself in 5 years
Read a book for an hour
Service to Others
Tasks Required: 1
Hold the door open for someone behind you
Reach out to an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while
Check-in on your neighbors and see if they are ok
Reach out to your distant family members and talk to them
Do a good deed for a friend in need
Tasks Required: 2
Chat with others in your small group
Connect with an Arrowmen in your troop who hasn’t been active in the OA and encourage them to attend the next lodge event
Ask a question in one of our public slack channels
View the Pre-Ordeal or Ordeal Ceremony and reflect on its meaning
Share a scouting story on social media by using #ScoutingStories and tag the OA’s social media account
Tasks Required: 2
Walk/Run 1 Mile
Walk/Run a 5K
Do 20 Push-ups
Do 40 Sit Ups
Ride a bicycle for 5 miles
Ride a bicycle for 10 miles
Read about how you can stay Healthy at Home and make a plan for how you can stay fit and healthy at home
Post on social media about how you are staying Healthy at Home using the hashtags #HealthyAtHome and #OASpark
Take some time to focus on your mental fitness by practicing mindfulness exercises
Take a few minutes to stretch at home
Break up your day of sitting for virtual meetings and events by standing while watching a Momentum: Spark session