Web Team Farewell


After three incredible days of activities and trainings, Momentum Launch, the primary focus of this year, has come to a close. We have made new connections through the use of Slack, remembered the main points within our obligation—Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service—and come up with creative ideas and ways to activate members within our lodges, ultimately creating a force of momentum toward a bright future.

Innovation played a huge role in the success of this event, but passion also had a huge impact. The event staff worked hard to plan and deliver new programs and approaches to keep that flame of passion burning within each one of us. For the first time in history, a virtual Order of the Arrow event of this magnitude was put on, giving Arrowmen from across the country the opportunity to participate “in-person” from the luxury of their own homes. Participants were able to dive deeply into how to tackle the challenges of a world where events are cancelled and hope is low through training sessions and special activities like the National Council of Chiefs. The Momentum Launch website featured live video streams, archived content, and numerous other resources to support the event and help the momentum continue forward.

It is safe to say that this event was very successful, partially due to having one of the most advanced and modernized websites the Order of the Arrow has ever had. The reason for that can be found in the Momentum Launch web team members—Eric, Nathan, Jason, Matthew, Zachary, Andrew, and Gabe—Arrowmen whom I have had the pleasure of not only meeting but also getting to know closer as friends. They put in countless hours to build the website and keep it updated throughout the entire virtual experience, oftentimes working straight through lunch or supper to reformat the website or solve a critical issue at hand. A special thanks goes to my adviser, Eric Silva, who was an invaluable resource and support during the two months it took to prepare and run the Momentum Launch website. And I would be remiss if I did not mention the year round web team, who also worked hard to support the construction of the Momentum Launch website and helped with invaluable connections (and many of whom served on the Momentum Launch web team as well).

To put in perspective, this website has been accessed over 64,100 times by over 4,000 users to date. Over a thousand registered delegates logged into the site to access exclusive content. The most commonly-viewed page on the website was Stream 1, followed by the homepage, Stream 2, the Wide Game, and the Stream Archive. Lastly, 52% of website views came from mobile devices, 43% came from desktop computers, and 5% came from tablets.

Throughout this week, we, as united members of one organization, have reflected on our past Scouting moments and explored how we can start that forward momentum to help our local programs thrive. Together, we can lead the change and expand the flame within into a fire. We now look ahead for what is to come.

What will your next move be?

Yours in Brotherhood,
Jordan Diliberto
Momentum Launch Web Lead